Nats Pennant Push

Then Mark Lerner stepped up to the podium. He also relied heavily on his notes, although he was a better speaker than Fuccillo. He did make a few interesting comments: 1) that the Nats were dead last in MLB when they bought the team, not true; 2) that they have built the deepest farm system in MLB, true last year for a blink of the eye, not close to true today; 3) that the Nats were honest with the fans up front about their long term plan for rebuilding, my head about exploded, Kasten hyped the team every year; and 4) that the Nats are ahead of schedule in their rebuilding, ahead of schedule in their eighth year of owning the team. Three false statements and a mystifying claim.

It turns out that he was mis-quoted in his statement about the 200% in spring training attendance, he actually claimed that Nats fans travelling to Florida is up 200%, which is plausible, but still very hard to believe based on the modest increase in total attendance.

So Mark went on and on and on about his family history, about all the great things about DC, about the youth baseball facility, meanwhile the people behind him are shifting in their seats, yawning, and staring off into space. This was the core problem with the presentation, it was all about what they are doing in DC, not a hint of any knowledge or insight into the issues and concerns of the people he’s asking to gift him $100 million. Just completely oblivious.;msg=1276727

I so hope that what I’ve heard about him not being first in line to run the team when Ted croaks is true…